Sunday, October 21

Chloe and AJ

Things have settled back down again with Froglet now. Phew. I knew they would, it was just a matter of waiting a couple of days for him to find his feet with things again and let us know what his new routine would be! Miraculously he's evolved into a very predictable schedule of three daytime naps, which has been brilliant! He's sleeping now, and I've used the time to do my hair, wash up, eat something, catch up on my emails, and get some critiquing done. Blissful me time.

I'm starting to think about The Truck of Luck again. My commitments have lessened a little now that the editing work is over and the wedding has passed, plus with this new nap schedule of Frog's I have a bit more free time in the day. So hopefully you may seem my word counter start to blossom some time in the next couple of weeks.

To whet your appetite, let me introduce my hero, AJ, and my heroine, Chloe.

Monday, October 15

Baby Jekyll and Little Hyde

As promised, here is a picture of me as my sister's bridesmaid, complete with angel baby.

*Insert throaty Hollywood voiceover tone*

It was the calm before the storm. Peace and pride reigned. We nodded in reply to those who said: "Isn't he a good baby?"

But then the well-mannered Little Frog became a fickle Devil Toad...

It's the four-month growth spurt. We've had a couple already, but this one's a monster. He'd been sleeping through the night for quite a while but started waking up for no reason. He'd greedily finish a full feed and then shove his entire fist in his mouth and look for more. We tried second-stage milk for hungrier babies, but Frog did not deem it tasty enough. I garnered advice from the health visitors, and we're going to try for weaning. So far, he thinks rice is dull and spits out carrot, but considers apple a reasonably nice taste.

The health visitor tells me this growth spurt can last longer than the previous ones. I can't wait until it settles. Frog has always been such a good baby with a lovely routine of his own, which makes these unsettled days pretty hard to deal with.

All stories of reassurance greatly appreciated! And thank God for Cadburys' decision to bring back the Wispa bar. Mmm, Wispa... It makes it easier to deal with the Devil Frog ;)

Monday, October 8

Return of the Bridesmaid

We're back! The wedding was amazing and everything went so well. The weather was beautiful, the food delicious, the chatting and dancing great fun. Froglet looked uber-cute in his suit and was an angel all day. None of us could have asked for more.

Photos are still being collated from various quarters, and once I have a good selection I'll post a few of them. Oh, and we didn't get the haunted hotel room :)

In writing news, all my editing is done now, so it's on to critiques and hopefully some writing of my own. It's been quite a while!

Wednesday, October 3

Post Haste

Am posting quickly as it is a v. busy week for me; my sister's getting married on Saturday! This evening I must practice my "left-together, right-together" walk. With my heels on. Also, the hotel we will all be staying at is repute to be haunted by the ghost of a highwayman. Apparently he frequents a particular room and likes to watch women in the bathroom. When we called to book our room I asked which one we'd been allocated, but we don't find out until the day. Gulp.

Until I post again, here is a recent picture of Froglet. I have decided to title it "Help! My baby has morphed into a turnip!"

Just finished reading: Red Lily by Nora Roberts