Tuesday, November 20

Trying Out Some Non-Fiction

Thank you for all the congrats I received in reply to my previous post :) My ring is back from being re-sized and it's sitting proudly on my finger. I keep posing my hand in different contexts (trailing over book spines, writing a note, swishing Little Frog's bath water, etc.) so I can admire my bling. Frog likes it. If I hold it in front of him he goes wide-eyed, grabs my hand and pulls it toward his mouth.

No more progress on Truck at the moment, apart from a solo sentence I wrote yesterday: "AJ is American." At this point I have no idea what bearing this fact will have on the story!

Today I've been thinking about a slightly different writing project: an article focusing on the surprises new motherhood brings. This idea has been floating around my mind for a couple of months now, so I thought I'd get some of it down and see where it goes.

Just finished reading: Stranded with a Stranger by Frances Housden

Monday, November 12


So the big news from this past weekend is that I got engaged :) The Bloke asked me The Big Question on Saturday night, quite out of the blue. After checking (twice) that he wasn't kidding, I said yes. No idea yet on when or how (big hotel affair/registry office/Vegas) we'll be getting hitched. But there's plenty of time for all that, and I think it would be wise to get Christmas out of the way first!

Writing-wise, I've been doing some work on my plans for The Truck of Luck. I'm thinking about something to do with the story every day now, which is a very promising sign.

Tuesday, November 6

The Writer Who Wrote

Look at my word counter. Just to the right there. See it?

546 words.

Yeah baby!

For the first time since having Froglet I actually did some writing. This was yesterday, during nap time. I decided the laundry could wait and I opened up a Word file. It's called Chapter One and it has words and sentences and paragraphs in it :)

I am certain that it will be heavily edited, and that what I've written so far may not even make it to the final draft, but I've started. I've flexed a muscle that hasn't been used for a long time. Hurrah!

Just finished reading: Gone by Jonathan Kellerman

Thursday, November 1

Happy Halloween

I know, I'm a day late. But I had to post this:

He'll hate us for it when he's a teenager, but who could resist??

Just finished reading: Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley