Saturday, August 18

Working Weekend

Little Frog went off to Grandma's again yesterday so that The Bloke and I could have a "date night" (we went to see Transformers -- v. good!) and so I could get some writing done. With each passing day I've been getting more eager to start writing again, but whenever I get around to starting something I usually have to turn my attention to something else (usually baby-related) within ten minutes or so.

I've had a couple of ideas swimming around my mind lately, and today I did a bit of work on each of them. One is already winning out by a fair mile; regular readers of my blog may remember me talking about it around this time last year, when the idea first came to me. I temporarily christened this story THE TRUCK OF LUCK, although I very much doubt that it's a title that will stick! Here's an image that is related to the story, to get you thinking:

It's been fun to get back to work. I'm not quite sure yet how I'll manage to work a regular patch into my day-to-day life, but I feel much more of a push to try and do so, now that I've got some of my plotting done.

Just finished reading: Wildest Dreams by Janice Maynard, LuAnn McLane, and Morgan Leigh

Thursday, August 9

Where Next?

I've been thinking a lot about my writing in the last few days. I feel like I'm itching to start writing something and get it out there into the ether, but I don't know what to do. I don't know what to write or where to send it, and I don't know how to envision the next one, two, or five years of my writing career. Perhaps I still have "baby brain"!

I seem to have lost a bit of enthusiasm for WISTERIA COTTAGE, although I still like the characters and story. I expect it might be because I got such a small way into the project and haven't done anything with it since. On the other hand, the idea I had for the Brava novella contest is nibbling at my heels, and I feel a little more excited about it each day. But I've decided I won't be entering the contest; I'm reading a Brava anthology at the moment to get a feel for their style and the steam level is a bit too spicy for me!

I guess I'll just ponder more and make a start on something. I think the most important thing is just to WRITE SOMETHING, and then I can decide where to send it once it's done. What do fellow writers think? Do you always have to have a target in mind when you start a new project? Or do you just write it and find that its most suitable home occurs to you once you're near (or at) The End?

And now to finish, here's a weird fact about Little Frog. You may remember that during my pregnancy I became obsessed with recording and watching many, many episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. For those of you who've seen it, you'll probably know that the theme tune of the show is "Who Are You?" by The Who. Well, we have discovered that if we play the track in question then Little Frog, British rock-music aficionado that he apparently is, will actually FALL ASLEEP.

Just finished reading: Jessie's Child by Lois Faye Dyer

Sunday, August 5


Little Frog went to stay with his grandma yesterday. The Bloke and I spent the evening on the sofa, chattering indecisively about whether to go to the cinema, or out for something to eat, or to Blockbuster, or somewhere else altogether. Our suggestions were interspersed with "I wonder if he's had his feed yet" or "How many times do you think he'll wake up in the night?" The Bloke kept bringing out the digital camera to look at photos of Froglet and every time he turned it in my direction I covered my eyes and squealed "I can't look at them!" We phoned Grandma three times and were in bed by half-past ten.

There is a kitchen to clean, laundry to do, paperwork to be filed, shopping to buy, carpets to vacuum and clothes to be ironed, and yet I somehow feel at a loss for things to do. Must keep busy until five p.m. this afternoon, when he comes home...

Friday, August 3

Not So Little Frog

He had his six-week check yesterday, and my little chubba now weighs 10 pound 7 ounces! I thought it sounded like a lot -- three whole pounds since he was weighed last -- but he's right on target. Everything is fine with both of us and he's doing more each week: the smiles have started and he's starting to do the coo-ing and aah-ing :)

It's also time to announce the winner of my mini-contest. My favourite caption was actually from Laura Hamby, but as I know for a fact that you've read A TASTE OF SUMMER, Laura, I'll send you some lovely English chocolate instead :) Just email me your address and I'll get something yummy in the post to you. The winner, therefore, of a PDF e-copy of the book is Ray-Anne -- congratulations! Let me know your email address through the Contact Me page of my website (the link is on the right) and I'll get your prize to you.