Wednesday, August 20

These Poor, Poor Blokes...

I'm still chuckling at this, four days after it was aired on TV.

I feel bad for these two blokes because they obviously believe in themselves, even if nobody else does (except maybe their mum). And the worst of it is that I'm fairly sure the rest of the nation are sniggering at their audition as well. I bet they wish they'd never applied. Either that or they'll have the last laugh and be signed up to advertise and promote all sorts of things.


Friday, August 15


Don't worry, it's not the dancing sort. Haven't attempted the limbo since a youth-club disco many moons ago, and nor would I like to! Little Frog, on the other hand, will probably be very good at it, since it has transpired that he is double-jointed. Honestly, he sits (and sleeps) in the strangest, most painful-looking positions and doesn't seem to care a bit.

The limbo of which I speak is the indecisive kind. Yep, it's me again, wondering what to do with my life and trying to work out how I should prioritise everything I want/need/would like to do. Subjects include (a) making improvements to our house; (b) getting a part-time job; (c) fitting in writing; and (d) possibly starting a business; along with other mundane things like (e) dieting; and (f) the colour of my hair. (Some of these things are obviously more important than others.)

Probably the easiest solution would be to write a To Do list, but then if I write one of those I'm going to have to start making Pro & Con lists, which'll be no help whatsoever with my decision-making and will only make me spend money on fancy stationery and pretty pens.


Maybe I should see a fortune teller or an astrologist or something. Or get a life coach. Does anyone want to volunteer?

Saturday, August 9


So it's 3:45 on Saturday afternoon. I'm taking a "lunch break" from proofreading and wondering if the occasional back massage might possibly be construed as a business expense. (Why is it that my fancy good-posture kneeling stool no longer seems to be doing its job?)

As is typical, I was halfway through one proofreading job when another arrived (with a very short deadline) and another one shortly after that. What's that saying again, about raining and pouring? Funny how these flurries of proofreading always occur when I've dared to apply for a "normal" job!

The job I've just finished and the one I'm breaking from at the moment are both books that I would never normally pick up to read for my own personal pleasure. In fact, I would say that probably eighty per cent of the books I proofread fit into such a category. But I've found that in almost every case I enjoy reading these books, the ones which would not attract me if I saw them on a shop bookshelf and read their back-cover blurb. This is one of the things I love most about my job -- it widens my personal reading scope and I find myself inspired in various ways as a result of enjoying something I would not have otherwise tried.

What about you -- have you ever made yourself read a book that you instinctively thought you wouldn't like? What made you try it, and how did you get on with it?

Just finished reading: Marriage, Interrupted by Karen Templeton

Sunday, August 3

Jean Genie

It's been a good week. Reasons:

1. I've applied for a handful of part-time jobs that would really interest me and which have nice little benefits.

2. I've written some more notes on the book idea that's been prodding me for attention every now and then, as well as deciding on names for my hero and heroine.

3. I FINALLY got hold of a copy of the lovely Nell Dixon's brand-new release, Blue Remembered Heels ... My local WHSmith and Waterstones? Sold out!

4. I tracked down two pairs of jeans that actually fit me, and for me this is a momentous event -- it's extremely difficult to find a good pair when you are only 5 foot 1.

5. I lost two pounds on the SlimFast plan, thanks in no small part to the lovely lady on eBay who sells American SlimFast bars (which are way better than the paltry three flavours we have here in the UK).

6. We found a fab new childminder for Little Frog.

7. We booked our summer mini-break and will be staying in a lovely little cottage in Cornwall.

But the week is set to finish on a not-so-happy note. The afore-mentioned Frog has been very unhappy all weekend, mainly due to the fact that he is cutting three big fat pointy molar teeth all at once. When I check inside his mouth to see how they are doing I just have to clasp him to myself in sorrow because it looks SO PAINFUL.

Just finished reading: The Hollow by Nora Roberts