Saturday, July 30

Simmering Nicely

Well, I was right. It's been a good day! I revised the whole first half of Chapter Two of the haunted house story (while listening to the Foo Fighters' There Is Nothing Left To Lose, which made me quite productive), then while I was in the shower I had a new idea. Sweet!

It's something that's been vaguely shimmering in my mind for the last week or two. I could see who the characters were, but I couldn't quite make out their story. But it came to me today (I find they always arrive in the most inconvenient places) and I got to scribble down 4 pages of notes while sitting on the bed in a towel with wet hair.

I love getting ideas. Whether I manage to end up doing something with them is another matter, but the feeling of energy and excitement I get while my pen races across the page, with ideas, situations, conversations, characters, and scenes running through my head, is incomparable. I guess seeing your book on the shelves is something similar. One day I hope I'll find out.

Oh, and yes, I know I'm writing this on a Saturday night. Such is my life at the moment -- I am staying at home because I'm trying to spend the least possible amount of money thanks to stamp duty, solicitor fees, estate agent fees, search fees, survey fees, and -- I don't know, fees for living -- looming in the very near future. (Now I know why they say selling a house is one of the most stressful things you can ever do.) That, and I have cramps. So it's a baked potato, some Dairy Milk, and Assault on Precinct 13 (courtesy of Blockbuster at around £3) for me tonight...

It's Cooking

Today's going to be a good day for writing. I have nothing planned, and I'm alone in the house, so it's down to business -- chapter two, or perhaps something else if I suddenly get taken over (it's happened before). Love days like this.

Watched a cooking programme this morning. They always make me wish I'd be more adventurous with cooking; I always end up making the same few meals. Although I have taught myself how to make risottos, which are actually a lot easier than everyone says. You just have to keep a constant eye on them.

Sometimes I wonder if I've become too domesticated...

Friday, July 29

In the beginning...

Well, since everyone else is blogging, I thought I would too. I've read in a million books about writing that the more you do it, the easier it becomes, so this can only do good, I suppose. I'll try and find a way of linking my blog to that of Nell Dixon, who is my critique partner and an extremely talented writer.

So here's a quick summary of where I stand with my writing. Last year I sold a short story to a national women's magazine, which was printed in January of this year. I have stacks of copies in my attic (so does my Mum...). I've stopped and started numerous stories since then, but at the moment I am working on a romance that I first conceived of two years ago. It's set in a haunted country mansion in the English countryside (Buckinghamshire, to be precise -- where I live), owned by the guy the girl was in love with when she was sixteen. Chapter One is done so far, and Chapter Two is halfway.

I'll also mention that I am at the moment in the middle of moving house, so it's likely that future posts may contain moans about the conveyancing process...