Tuesday, September 16

CSI: Vegas Preview

If you, like me, are waiting waiting waiting for the good TV shows to start, you might be interested in watching this little snippet. It's a preview of the new ninth season of CSI, which follows on from the cliffhanger at the end of season eight involving Warrick Brown. (We temporarily interrupt this blog post for a sharp intake of breath, some nibbling of fingernails and the acquisition of a couple of tissues.) My sources tell me the new season starts in the US in mid October, so hopefully ol' slowcoach UK won't be too far behind.

Still loving the distraction activity of Black Boxes (see my sidebar) and the subsequent meetings with many different bloggers around the world. Don't forget to leave a quick comment if you want to be entered into my contest. I'll draw winners at the end of this weekend.

Just finished reading: Honey Trap by Julie Cohen

Tuesday, September 9

Books and Movies

Lots of stuff going on round our way at the moment. We've repainted the living room and had wood flooring put down in that room and also in the hallway, since our carpet (which was only three years old) had been beaten into submission by baby food splats and smears. Bizarrely, banana stains were the worst culprits -- even super carpet cleaner wouldn't get them out! We've also got a new sofa suite coming and I am starting to make lists ready for our cottage holiday in a couple of weeks' time. Hurrah!

Little Frog is still not walking (boo), but learning a new word pretty much every few days (yay). New additions to his repertoire include CAR, BEAR, POO-EEE (during nappy change), and GO! GO! GO! He resumed his Water Babies swimming lessons yesterday following the summer break and did really well, considering we only got round to taking him to the pool twice during the hiatus... At the end of the month he has an underwater photoshoot and I am nervous about it but very excited to see the results.

He's also got more interested in books now that he is a bit older. I'd heard it was never too early to start reading to your baby so I began when he was just a few weeks old, but he didn't really care and when he got to the grabby stage he just closed the book and threw it on the floor. Now, however, he will actually sit with me and look at the book, and sometimes we manage to read a short one through to the end. His current favourite is Little Monkey Says Goodnight, which involves me making lots of funny noises and movements. Here is a picture of him unpacking an Amazon delivery and preparing to read Run Among Thorns by Anna Louise Lucia and Honey Trap by Julie Cohen.

So, on to the movies part of my post. I've decided it's been WAY too long since I've done a contest of some sort, and I have a neat little prize to give away: a two-month guest pass to LoveFilm. This entitles you to sixty days free membership, whereupon you can have the movies, games and TV series of your choice delivered to your door absolutely free to enjoy at your leisure! (I use this service myself and we have saved sooo much money in late fees because with LoveFilm there are NONE!)

All you have to do is tell me your favourite childhood book (inspired by Little Frog) in the comment section. I'll draw a winner just before we leave for our holiday. Due to LoveFilm mailing restrictions, this prize is only available to residents of the UK and Channel Islands, but if you live outside these areas please do comment: I may bring a little something back from Cornwall for an international winner :)

Just finished reading: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier