Monday, September 24

Busy Bees

I've been pretty busy lately (as you might have guessed by my lack of posts).

I've taken on some editing work, which I've been steadily working my way through. I've also critiqued the final chapters of Nell's Little Black Dress book, Blue Remembered Heels. I have two other critiques/proofreads waiting in the wings for other writer friends, and I still have my plans for Truck of Luck brewing in my mind (although not much of it is getting written down at the moment).

I've also just resumed work as an Avon Lady (ding dong!); I did it about six years ago and I thought now would be a nice time to do it again so I can take Froglet out in the pushchair on my rounds. I'm also looking forward to a "Yummy Mummies" postnatal gym class, which I've registered myself for, and which starts in a few weeks. Oh yes, then there's my role as chief bridesmaid at my sister's wedding in less than two weeks!

Still, I'd much rather have things to do than not. How about you?

Just finished reading: All Work and No Play by Julie Cohen

Monday, September 10

Little Monkey

There's a new advert for Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate that has just started airing in the UK. It's a bit bizarre. See here:

Anyway, Froglet was sitting on my lap so I could burp him after breakfast this morning, when the advert came on. He went very still and wide-eyed, then when the drums started he nodded his head from side to side, waved his hands, and gave a big grin! Cuteness.

Sunday, September 2

I Have a New Love

It's not Josh Duhamel, king-prawn curry, Badger Baby Balm, or my new car -- although these are all some of my favourite things at the moment. No, my new love is Green & Black's organic white chocolate. It's made with Madagascan vanilla and you can actually see the dark flecks of it throughout the bar. It is good. But not good for my teeth.

And speaking of teeth... He's not even three months old yet, but Froglet has got the beginnings of a small tooth poking out of his lower gum!! Talk about speedy development! I was right to be suspicious of all the dribbling he's been doing lately.

Just finished reading: The Overlook by Michael Connelly