Saturday, July 30

It's Cooking

Today's going to be a good day for writing. I have nothing planned, and I'm alone in the house, so it's down to business -- chapter two, or perhaps something else if I suddenly get taken over (it's happened before). Love days like this.

Watched a cooking programme this morning. They always make me wish I'd be more adventurous with cooking; I always end up making the same few meals. Although I have taught myself how to make risottos, which are actually a lot easier than everyone says. You just have to keep a constant eye on them.

Sometimes I wonder if I've become too domesticated...

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Nell Dixon said...

I found you! Yay!!! Okay to do links you need to go into your template - look down it to whwere it shows the existing links then you just open a new line or replace the existing one copying the code as it's laid out in the template with the blog addy and the name of the blog. This will sound as clear as mud till you go and look. I'll add you to mine! This is so cool!