Saturday, November 18

Premium Bond

Last night myself, The Bloke, my sister and her fiance trundled down to the Odeon to see Casino Royale. The men being the men were desperate to see the new Bond film, and my sister and I were brought up on Bond films so we weren't averse to the idea either.

Daniel Craig was very, very good indeed. When he was first announced as Bond I, like many others, thought the choice would never work, but then I watched Layer Cake (another of The Bloke's favourite films) and after that I was confident that Craig could pull off playing 007.

He has. So many people were ready to hate him in the role, but in the lead-up to the release I hadn't heard a single bad review about him or the film. In fact, a number of reports suggested he might possibly be the best Bond yet. To put it plainly, he rocks. He plays Bond straight without the cheesiness (although there are some of those Bond one-liners), suave without the sliminess, manly without the scariness, and smooth but with that edge of ruggedness he needs. He is the grittiest Bond yet, but there are still laughs and times for emotion. And though some have accused Daniel Craig of not having the right looks, I came out of the cinema fancying him. Though the film begins with him as your classic womanizer and a bit of a loose cannon, partway through, I, for one, started to see him morph into a bit of a romantic hero.

The plot of the film is good, too. Some Bond films get a bit yawnsome with their plot and villainy detail, but this one doesn't. The action is fantastic -- the free-running chase near the beginning is, in particular, truly exciting to watch. Settings are gorgeous, characters vivid, and "You Know My Name", the theme song co-written and sung by ex-Soundgarden alumni Chris Cornell also rocks. Vesper Lynd is beautiful and sassy, and I am in love with her purple evening gown.

An excellent, excellent job. Highly recommended.


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Thanks for posting about this film. All being well, we are planning to see it next week - I'm looking forward to it even more after reading this - I'll let you know what I think when I've seen it.

Sue :-)

Nell Dixon said...

Sounds good, but do you still think he's good as a model for Evan? lol

Jessica Raymond said...

Sue -- Hope you enjoy it! I would happily go and watch it again at the cinema. Let me know what you think of it.

Nell -- He doesn't look like Evan in this one! I picture him as Evan in that photo you have on your blog where he's in the pinstripe suit with slightly longer hair. I think that was the press day when he was announced as the new Bond :)

Jess x

Jill said...

I agree with the movie verdict! Good stuff!