Saturday, December 2

A Gremlin Ate My Email

Public service announcement in the world of Jessica Raymond -- my Outlook mail program has been invaded by gremlins and glitches and after a week of slowness, has now officially given up the ghost and refuses to open. Something to do with corruption, full disks, write-protection, and that wonderful message "access denied"... So all of the emails I have saved in my individual folders, plus anything that anybody sent me before last night, is being held hostage. There is a chance they could be recovered, but it's not looking likely :(

So if you happen to have emailed me lately, especially if it's something important, please forgive me for not replying, and consider re-sending your missive. I *can* now access my email in a new program, but it means I have no record of any emails I received before today. Ever.


Phillipa said...

Argghhh! Poor you Jess. Where is that 'man hammering computer with mallet' smiley when you want it.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi Jess,
I emailed you on the 30th Nov - not sure whether to resend it because it's one of my rambles. It may be a blessing in disguise that you couldn't open it! ;-)
Sue :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! *hugs* That's awful. Have you tried a system restore in safe mode? That sometimes works for me

Anonymous said...

you should be able to rescue them all by importing them or using a mail reader program. They are not lost. I've had this happen twice.