Wednesday, December 13

I Wrote Actual Words

Seems like a strange subject to have on a writer's blog, yes? But, you see, the truth is that I actually haven't written anything new (Moonlit Romance Authors Blog writing prompts excepted) for a number of months now. I've had projects in my schedule and I've worked on their ideas (as well as a couple of others that popped up along the way), but I hadn't actually typed "Chapter One" and started writing the real story.

Until today, when I wrote ten pages: just under 2,500 words. (Have updated my word counter accordingly.) It felt so good! And here's a strange thing... It was so hard to get started on this, because I've sat down many a time in at least the last month (probably more), thinking: "I must start writing..." but would end up doing some stupid distraction activity. I was worried today might be the same: that although I'd actually manage to start writing, I'd only manage a couple of lines and that they would be on a par with drawing blood from a stone. But I got more done than I was expecting and the words pretty much flowed through the keyboard.

Nice, huh? :)

You may notice that I've removed the word counter for the "Fax Suspense" idea I was working on. It was a bit of a seat-of-my-pants idea and wasn't actually on a schedule (as opposed to "One Shore Thing", which is), plus I was struggling to find the right characters. So I've shelved that for now and might start working on it again next year.

Just finished reading: Heat of the Moment by Diana Duncan


Anonymous said...

WTG Jess. I bet it feels good!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Jess. I had a moment of inspiration at midnight last night too - fingers crossed I'm going to be able to resume my wip after Christmas.

It's a great feeling to back in the writing seat, isn't it?!

Sue :-)
P.S. An email should be winging its way to you later today.

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks Liz and Sue. It felt so good to be able to get back into writing. Like putting on a comfy old jumper that I'd lost and then found again :)

Jess x