Monday, September 10

Little Monkey

There's a new advert for Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate that has just started airing in the UK. It's a bit bizarre. See here:

Anyway, Froglet was sitting on my lap so I could burp him after breakfast this morning, when the advert came on. He went very still and wide-eyed, then when the drums started he nodded his head from side to side, waved his hands, and gave a big grin! Cuteness.


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Now that is one weird advert! It doesn't sound like Froglet is easily scared by strangeness though, bless him!

liz fenwick said...

Strange add although I love the music. I wonder how Phil Collins feels about being an ape?

Love Froglet's reaction :-)

Nell said...

so cute lol

Lis said...

cuteness :o)