Wednesday, January 2

Fresh Starts

Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable time on the Big Night and that your Christmas was also wonderful.

I'm always a little relieved when the festive season is over -- not because I don't like it, because I do! But I always find myself reflecting over the year that is about to finish and planning ahead for the one that's about to start. For that reason I'm always quite excited by the start of the new year. It's a great time to get rid of all that you don't need, like house clutter, extra poundage, and internet distractions (*cough* Facebook *cough*). Then you can put into motion all the new changes you want to make, like room redecoration, fitness regimes, a new book idea, or a new hobby.

I admit that I don't always keep to my resolutions, but I like to make them anyway. Mine are:

1. Be more productive with my spare time. This is why I am quitting aforementioned Facebook and getting my life back!

2. Eat more fruit. Veg I'm fine with, but I know I don't get enough of the sweet stuff.

3. Stop accumulating rubbish in the house. I've already started a decluttering session and I am not going to fill the fresh empty spaces with new stuff I don't need.

4. Write a LOT more than I did in 2007. I want to finish one full-length book, preferably two, ideally three. I also want to write one short story a month.

What are your resolutions, and do you think you'll stick to them?

Oh, one other thing. The Moonlit Romance Authors Blog has relocated and can now be found right here on Blogspot. The first post goes up today, and if you post a comment any time between now and Friday you could win a free e-book!


Nell said...

I'll be watching my in box then!Can't wait to read something from you then I'll feel less guilty about all the stuff I send your way. lol

Phillipa said...

De-cluttering, eating more fruit ...yes. I'll add those to my ever growing list.

Good luck for 2008, Jess. May it be as much fun as 2007. P x

Judy Jarvie said...

LOL re Facebook (hey if we didn't have Ebay/Facebook/YouTube - wouldn't we just find summat else? cough cough).

All the best for 2008. And all best wishes and hearty handshakes on the writing resolutions. You can and you will!

Sue said...

Happy New Year, Jess!
Email to follow soon...