Wednesday, January 16

Waiting to Hear

My motherhood article is finished and I am waiting to hear if the features editor of my targeted magazine is interested in it. Fingers crossed.

At the weekend I read a horoscope for my year ahead. It said that I would be very motivated and approach my career with sensibility and concentration. Hurrah! I have high hopes for 2008; hopefully Mystic Meg is telling the truth.

We've also been finalizing our childcare plans for Little Frog, since my maternity leave comes to an end in a month's time and I will be resuming my proofreading on a part-time basis. It will be strange not to spend all day/every day with the little one, but I am looking forward to giving my brain a regular workout and snatching back just a little bit of my 21st-century career-girl persona.

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Nell said...

Fingers crossed for your submission!