Thursday, March 20

Full Plate

Hmm, so I was away from the blog for a little bit longer than I'd expected...

It's been very busy around here lately. Little Frog didn't get any better any faster and ended up going into hospital and staying overnight for dehydration. Fortunately we were allowed home the next day and he made a very steady recovery. Now he is eating more than ever and he is about to produce his third tooth!

I've also been mega-busy with proofreading. Every time I've finished one job I've had another sitting on the table ready to go, so there hasn't been much R&R for me. Still, it's nice to be tackling work again -- and it doesn't hurt the bank balance, of course!

Thank you so much for all your suggestions on things I could include in my English-themed gift box for Brenda Novak's annual diabetes auction. I have drawn a winner from all those who posted and it is... DEBS! Congratulations! If you could head over to the "Get in Touch" page of my website and let me know your details then I'll get your signed copy of Haunted Hearts and some chocolate in the post to you ASAP :)

Food items were the most popular suggestions for the gift box (who knew?), and so I have decided on the theme of British Cooking. I'm thinking a classic cookery book along with various typically British ingredients and condiments. Keep an eye out for pics of the gift box and a link to the auction page when it all goes live.

Just finished reading: Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

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liz fenwick said...

What a great idea - cookery box. perfect:-) Good luck on tooth three!