Monday, July 14

Family Trip

Firstly, I interrupt this blog post (even though I've barely started it) to remind you all that my critique partner and good friend Nell Dixon's brand new book Blue Remembered Heels, published by Little Black Dress, is OUT NOW and AVAILABLE TO BUY in all good bookshops, both physical and online.

Buy it! Read it! Love it! Then I can say I told you so :)

Today The Bloke, Little Frog and I went to the little Cotswolds town of Bourton-on-the-Water.

Now, I'm English born and bred, and I grew up in the kind of village that was too small for a shop or bus service and barely qualified for a post box, so I know what our villages are like. But Bourton-on-the-Water is almost unreal in its lovely little postcard prettiness. It's the sort of rural English village you see in movies.

After our pub lunch, we spent the afternoon strolling up and down the river paths and ambling into gift shops. Then we took Little Frog to Birdland, a nearby tourist attraction filled with, well... birds... from all over the world. We paid good money for him to see lots of exotic and strange-looking winged things, and what did he do? Gaze around with a bored/haughty expression on his face, then eventually show some interest and laugh... at a bog-standard pigeon that happened to be waddling past.

Just finished reading: Her Parenthood Assignment by Fiona Harper

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