Friday, August 15


Don't worry, it's not the dancing sort. Haven't attempted the limbo since a youth-club disco many moons ago, and nor would I like to! Little Frog, on the other hand, will probably be very good at it, since it has transpired that he is double-jointed. Honestly, he sits (and sleeps) in the strangest, most painful-looking positions and doesn't seem to care a bit.

The limbo of which I speak is the indecisive kind. Yep, it's me again, wondering what to do with my life and trying to work out how I should prioritise everything I want/need/would like to do. Subjects include (a) making improvements to our house; (b) getting a part-time job; (c) fitting in writing; and (d) possibly starting a business; along with other mundane things like (e) dieting; and (f) the colour of my hair. (Some of these things are obviously more important than others.)

Probably the easiest solution would be to write a To Do list, but then if I write one of those I'm going to have to start making Pro & Con lists, which'll be no help whatsoever with my decision-making and will only make me spend money on fancy stationery and pretty pens.


Maybe I should see a fortune teller or an astrologist or something. Or get a life coach. Does anyone want to volunteer?


Nell said...

You know you can always message me lol

Judy Jarvie said...

Indecision - well I'm afraid I'm Olympic medal standard at that one. I do go in for lists to try and help me focus though. Sometimes it even works. jx

My friend always said sometimes you try, try, try with all your might at something and it doesn't pan out, then others you hardly try at all and it just happens. I tend to think he's right. So I guess the answer is go with the flow and follow your heart! That way at least you're true to you!