Tuesday, October 7

And the Winner is...

Virtual Voyage!

Congrats to you, because you've been drawn as the winner of my contest and will be receiving a two-month guest pass to LoveFilm.com! If you could visit my website and send me your address through the Contact Me page, I'll send your prize to you straightaway.

Thank you to everybody for your entries and suggestions of favourite children's books. I have a feeling Little Frog's bookshelves will be expanding at Christmas!

We had a lovely time in Cornwall -- great weather, great food, and lots of lovely time together as a family. Here's a picture of Little Frog "sharing" the Bloke's ice cream.

Just finished reading: Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman


Anonymous said...

That's a huge icecream!!

CJ xx

Phillipa said...

What a gorgeous pic, Jess - glad you had such a lovely time in Cornwall. P x