Thursday, August 11

I Heart My Bloke

... for lots of reasons, but yesterday he bought me an iPod! A cute silver mini one, which I love already. I am now officially cool. I downloaded my first song (My Doorbell by White Stripes, incidentally -- see earlier post) while watching the pilot episode of Lost, which premiered here in the UK last night. Looks like it's going to be good!

In writing news, I've altered the relations of the two main female characters of my new idea. Literally just a page of scribble (once again, while I was in the bathroom -- what is it with me?). So far all of this is just idea and scribble. I don't think I'll actually start writing anything for at least the next couple of weeks, when I'll (hopefully) be settled in the new house.

We signed our contract yesterday. No going back now, unless I want to pay a hefty penalty! Guess that means I am stuck with the guy who buys me an iPod for no reason. Dammit... :)

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