Sunday, August 7

Oh Daddy...

So, we went to MK. I bought a couple of things, but not much. I'm trying to be frugal, but at least I got an idea of what's available where and for how much.

Moving is now a day closer, and we did more packing today. China, glasses, the rest of the CDs and DVDs. We also spent the better part of two or three hours splitting up all the photographs. Tough job. It made me think about my Dad a lot this afternoon and evening. He passed away just over 4 years ago now.

Life is weird. You're born, you do things, then one day it ends. I remember occasionally thinking, "Then what's the point of ever doing anything?" -- not because I was depressed, but simply because sometimes the whole cycle didn't seen to make sense. (This usually happened when I was quite young.) I guess all any of us are doing is passing time.

But I've realized that you should still think carefully about how you want to pass your time. It could last quite a long time. And by the end, it would be nice to have something to show for your time, something you've left behind, people that remember you, memories that you could replay and be fond of, if there were some sort of retrospective of your life in a theatre up in the clouds.

"Life is too short" is a trite and over-used phrase, but is it ever true. It's entirely possible to receive a phone call one day and find that someone -- a whole part of your life -- will be no more. Why bother passing your time sitting on the sofa watching repeats of TV shows you never liked that much anyway, when you could write words that will last after you're gone, write music that will play without you, leave wisdom with people who'll remember your name (if not your face), leave behind people you made who would never have existed if you'd never felt a heated connection with someone at some point, and give friends, family, partners, and past loves memories and moments that they'll use to lighten their darker moments.

Life is short, and life is tough, but life is worth it.

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