Friday, January 13

Maths Can be Fun

Here are some equations I came to work out after having watched the finale of Lost:

  • Sawyer + tight black shirt + looking windswept on raft = Yum.
  • Sawyer – tight black shirt + sudden dip in the ocean = Even more yum.
  • Sawyer + night-time + looking mean, moody and threatening towards strange pirate-type people = Infinitely more yum.

HOWEVER! An anomaly surfaces...

  • Sawyer + tight black shirt + ponytail + hybrid reading glasses = Strangely, yummiest of all!

See how maths can be fun?

Anyway, I have a pretty free weekend ahead of me, so I am v. excited at the prospect of getting my final chapter done and typing "The End". Also, big congrats to Nell, whose book The Cinderella Substitute is now a contender for the RNA's New Writers' Award and whose publishing date has been brought forward from July to March. Yay Nell!

Favourite New Song of the Week = Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap


Nell Dixon said...

If maths is fun, will you do my tax return? ggg

Jessica Raymond said...

Will it involve Sawyer?

Lis said...

lol I can honestly say after three years of accounting classes, math is never fun.

Here's the info you wanted:

Libra: The perfect year to polish that manuscript or screenplay and get it out there. Two significant planets are perfectly positioned for writers..lucky you! Smart you, actually. You have the BEST chart of anyone to make this writing thing pay off well