Wednesday, January 11

Welcome to Writing Wednesdays

So here we are. Today I feel like I can call myself a writer and not cringe as much, because I now no longer work Wednesdays at the office, so I can spend time writing at home. God bless my lovely employers!

My plan for today consists of:
  1. Not doing random "But-I'm-Researching" surfing after I've posted this blog entry.
  2. Writing chapter fifteen -- the penultimate chapter (and thus getting that damn word counter on the right to change: it's been stuck way too long!).
  3. Critiquing Nell's chapter six of Be My Hero.
  4. Phoning back the Inland Revenue to sort out my self-employment registration (most scary part of my day, I feel).
  5. Setting up my new printer and testing it out on printing the guidelines for the Moonlit Romance competition, for which I'm going to re-work an old story.

Possibly more, who knows? Today feels promising, so if the muse and the coffee (I gave the bloke a Senseo pod machine for Christmas, and it has actually made me like coffee myself) kick in, perhaps I might even get to the final chapter.

Man, that's scary!

Just finished reading: Safe Passage by Loreth Anne White

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