Saturday, January 21

The Beginning of the Hard Work

Here lies my opus. 258 pages of words all written by me! It's still very strange. I flick through it and read random phrases -- ("He backed up against the wall..." // "...could recite them in his sleep..." // "She loved that he was asking..." // "...smudgy with dirt, dust, and cobwebs..." // "...the more he saw himself through her eyes..") -- and I can't remember writing some of them, or am not sure what scene it's in, or what's going on. I see one page filled with words and think, "How the hell did I write 258 of these?!"

Still, it's all good. But now is where the hard work starts. First I need to read the whole thing in one go, preferably in one sitting, to see if the story, characters, and scenes flow naturally. I will have to try my hardest not to make any changes on that read... After that I'll go into editing mode (Nell, you'll be my life-raft, you know you will!) and start shaping it into its final form.



Lis said...

Isn't it funny to go back and find things you don't remember at all, let alone writing it? *g*
Nice stack of paper, hope the editing goes well :o)

Josie said...

Sometimes it seems like someone else wrote the novel, doesn't it?