Sunday, February 26

Another Tag From Nell

Morning All --

I've received another tag from Nell for a list, so here it is:

Current clothing - grey lace camisole, black PJ bottoms, waffle robe, pink pig slippers (immature: maybe... comfortable: very much so)
Current hair - Iridescent brown (apparently) with blonde streaks, from the use of a "personally placed harmonized highlights" dye kit. Kirbigrip holding back one side.
Current mood - Nesty (thinking about all the stuff I want to buy for/do to the house), content (house to self for whole day for writing purposes, and all tidying and cleaning was done yesterday).
Current refreshment - Strong Whittard tea with sugar, but it's gone cold.
Current annoyance - Snitty, arrogant eBayers.
Current avoidance - Going outside in the icy, blustery wind.
Current smell - Apricot hair conditioner.
Current thing you ought to be doing - Getting dressed, not drooling (*still*, even after over ten years) over Billy Warlock in old Baywatch re-runs.
Current things on the wall - Big cream/sepia print of flower, black and white pic of an idyllic French village.
Current IM - Usually Nell, but not at the moment.
Current jewellery - None. I took it off when I went to bed last night.
Current book - Most Wanted Woman by Maggie Price.
Current worry - The usual -- money!
Current celebrity - Er, Billy Warlock, if he still counts as such. Will have to go to IMDB and see what he's up to these days...
Current obsession - Buying home style magazines.
Current love - The Bloke.
Current longing - To afford the summer holiday we really want.
Current disappointment - Not being able to afford that holiday.
Current lyric in my head - Baywatch theme tune.
Current favourite book - The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman.
Current favourite movie - Madagascar "Hoover Dam! We're still in New York!".
Current wish - That Nell's book, The Cinderella Substitute, wins the Joan Hessayon Award.
Current desktop picture - Scene of an empty hammock between palm trees on Hawaii. No Sawyer in sight, unfortunately.
Current plans for tonight/weekend - To get on with next chapter of my contest entry, then later to cook an organic king prawn and asparagus risotto!

So, with that, I won't blabber on much longer as I should really get dressed and get on with my work. Hope you all have had a nice weekend.

Just finished reading: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella which, along with a yummy candle, Nell gave to me as a prezzie when we met :)

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Lis said...

I loved Billy Warlock when he was on Baywatch.
I can give you an update on him lol He used to play AJ Quartermaine on the soap General Hospital till they killed him off last year and days after he resurfaced on Days Of Our Lives (another soap) as his old character there, Frankie Brady.