Saturday, March 11


A bad taste in the mouth this morning -- and not from the Chinese I had for dinner last night, but from the news that Wayne Rooney, teenage wunderkind of English soccer, has been given a five-million-pound deal with HarperCollins to write his autobiographies.

Yes -- five million smackers.

Yes -- autobiographIES: plural, not singular.

There was some mention of five books written over the next twelve years. Then? Who knows... Will he actually write them? Will he put in the blood, sweat and tears over the keyboard, agonizing over sentence structure, chapter lengths, and the exact wording of the finishing paragraph?



In other, more cheery news, Nell's book is released next Friday, March 17th! Go to for more details, including the online launch party on Monday, March 20th.

Have added a couple more things to my writing "To Do" list. As well as finishing my entry for the Moonlit competition (deadline now moved to mid-April) and my first round of edits on my book, I now also want to enter The Sun newspaper's World Book Day writing competition. Deadline for that is March 20th, and the story only has to be up to 1,000 words, so I'm hoping to get that done this weekend. Then, publishers A&C Black are running a short story competition as well, deadline end of April, length up to 2,000 words.

I need a bigger calendar.

Just finished reading: Most Wanted Woman by Maggie Price

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