Wednesday, February 1

Edit, Edit, Edit

Yes, I'm still here, doing editing and more editing. I've now got through chapters two and three, though they now also amalgamate all of chapter four, because I've been upping the sizes of the chapters and cutting all the crap I don't need. It's feeling a lot better for it already.

I've now changed my plan... I'm no longer going to submit straight to Silhouette once I've finished editing. Instead I am going to send the book off to the RNA's New Writers Scheme. I joined in January and part of my membership fee covers an expert critique of one of my manuscripts (in this case, the *only* one). This gives pointers on strengths and weaknesses and how to improve my writing for publication. I know it means I have to wait longer (part of me is dying to get the book out ASAP to see if Sil. wants it) but I think this way I am giving the book a better chance. Hopefully.

In other news, am v. excited about this weekend as bloke and I are going away for a night and our hotel is not far from Nell's house. We finally get to meet! Yaaaaay!!

Just finished reading: Clint's Wild Ride by Linda Winstead Jones

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