Wednesday, August 2

And She's Off!

It is true! After:

(a) slogging through my treacle-like mind for the last month or two, trying to find solutions to the problems in Haunted Hearts that my New Writers Scheme report threw up;

(b) settling on and fleshing out the Good Idea; and

(c) doing the research that would enable me to execute the new plot directions and characterizations...

...I finally started my revisions today. I've set up a new word count bar to keep track of my progress; so far I have got through chapter one. It may not sound like a lot, but it really feels like it to me. I am one-fifteenth of the way there!

But I'm not cracking open the bubbly yet -- no way. I can get very easily sidetracked (eh, Nell?!) and I'd really like to get HH finished up and ready to send out by the end of the month. In September last year, The Bloke and I had recently moved into our house and for some reason I hit a real athletic stride with my writing -- like nothing I've ever experienced -- and I churned out the best part of HH (14 chapters) in little over a month. So it would be nice if I could have the book all tied up and shipped out on submission before this September starts. That way I have a nice clean break in which to start a new project, with the memories of last September inspiring me on to more "In-The-Zone" greatness.

Just finished reading: Honeymoon with a Stranger by Frances Housden (which I *loved*)


Lis said...

Best of luck with the revisions! :o)

Liz Fielding said...

Good luck with the revisions, Jessica -- and I hope you get your new submission in. Deadline chasing goes with the territory!