Wednesday, August 9

Jardin de Jessica

The deck and the new patio furniture are now stained, the plants are potted, and the brick barbecue built. Here's how it looks:

There's still more I need to do in the garden -- creating flowerbeds, nailing up trellises and wall baskets, etc., not to mention praying that my lawn recovers, but at least the seating area is now finished. Here's the barbecue:

I love how rustic and cottagey it looks! And to top off my picture display of the day, here is a peach that has started to grow on my peach tree:

Today being a Writing Wednesday, I am getting on with my HH revisions, and I'm hoping that by the end of the day my new progress bar will have made a sizeable leap. I'd still really like to get this MS all tied up and sent out by the end of the month, so I can start working on my next idea -- and get busy with publicity bits and pieces for the release of the Fall in Love anthology!

Just finished reading: California Moon by Catherine Lanigan


Fiona Harper said...

So, Jess, when are you doing a BBQ for the M&P? Huh?

Lis said...

Looks wonderful Jess! Very relaxing and comfy, love the bbq.