Thursday, August 31

September Starts

So, I didn't quite make my self-imposed end-of-August deadline for my revisions on HH. Other stuff came up and I just couldn't make it, but it's not a disaster because actually the book doesn't need to be ready by October. That's not to say I am going to leave it until October, of course! I'll get back to work on it this weekend and will still plan on getting it all tied up as soon as I can, so I can get to work on the new idea.

Tomorrow is the 1st of September, and as well as bringing the sense of the start of autumn, it also brings the start of two other things.

The first is a new month of entries on the Moonlit Romance Authors Blog. This blog was created to give you the opportunity to find out about Moonlit's upcoming releases, and meet and chat with the authors, editors and publisher themselves. Because the Fall in Love anthology is being released in September, myself, Nell Dixon, and Rebecca Ruger (the anthology authors) are hosting the blog for the month. On the blog we discuss writing romance and reading romance among many other things, and everyone is welcome. A new entry will appear every weekday of the month, so be sure to come along and join us!

The other launch happening tomorrow is that of the Pink Heart Society blog. The PHS, of which I am a member, is a gathering of supporters of category romance. Writers, both published and unpublished, and readers are encouraged to come and show their love and support for romance, so please feel free to pop along and join in the fun. You might even like to volunteer as a reviewer -- and get free books! Now tell me why that's not worth checking out... :) You can reach the blog from here at any time by clicking on the dancing pink heart in my links section to the right.

In other news, Nell's latest release, Things to Do is now available to buy! TTD is quite possibly my most favourite of Nell's works yet.

Just finished reading: Drive Me Wild by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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