Saturday, May 26

A Countdown to Flump...?

Big Brother is due to start here in the UK next Wednesday, May 30th. They start advertising it ten days before the launch night, and right now there are little countdown-style adverts sprinkled among the commercial breaks on the network channel the show will be broadcast on. See here for yesterday's advert:

Now, it's probably just me being weird, but every time I've seen one of these adverts -- starting from the "ten days" version -- I've had this weird feeling that somehow it's a countdown to Flump's arrival. One of our friends has already bet that the baby will arrive on May 30th (and also that it will be a boy), so they'll be in the money if it turns out to be true.

But will it? Am I just being suckered in and brainwashed by advertising (and how ironic that such a thing should happen as a result of viewing advertising for a show called Big Brother)? If I'm right, will this post get comments like "spooky!" after the event, or will I be wrong and blog again next Thursday to assure you all that Flump is, in fact, still in utero?

I guess we can only wait and see...

Just finished reading: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

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