Tuesday, June 5

Good Deeds

I'm pleased to say that my "Taste of England" gift box from Brenda Novak's diabetes auction sold to its winning bidder for a brilliant USD $96. It's great to have helped raise money towards diabetes research; I won a couple of cool auctions myself. I love waiting for the items to turn up in the mail -- I won a couple of gift baskets in last year's auctions and it was great fun to rip open the big cardboard boxes and unpack signed books and American chocolate which is very hard to come by over here in the UK! The total amount raised this year was an astounding USD $141,700.

Also in the strain of doing good deeds, today I came across the Cool Earth initiative. This is a charity that combats global warming, protects ecosystems and provides sustainable jobs for local people by selling plots of the Brazilian rainforest in acre and half-acre measures that would otherwise be razed by loggers. Plots can be "bought" for as little as £35 in order to protect them, and you can pick a certain area of rainforest and have updates and pictures sent to you to keep track of your patch. I'm thinking of buying an acre in Flump's name. You can find out more about Cool Earth by clicking here.

Just finished reading: Birthright by Nora Roberts


liz fenwick said...

just stopping by to see if Flump had made an appearnce. Love the idea of buying rainforst to keep it safe :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

Hey, great idea re the rainforest for Flumpy.

I'm just stopping by too to wish you big mommy hugs and luck and chill out vibes in case you happen to see Flump in the near future and I miss anything (let's face it, I'm lagging behind now so I'd put money on you being first!)

Take care of you and enjoy every moment (the big push will soon be over and the tiny one will make it all worthwhile!) jx