Thursday, June 14

Judy Wins the Baby Race!

If you haven't already seen it, check out Judy Jarvie's blog for the birth announcement posted by her hubby last night! Sounds like Judy was an absolute trooper. Many, many congratulations to her, hubby, her DD and their new little baby girl, Esme Kate! :) :)

Flump: "Meh. I'm still happy where I am for now. Stop pestering me."

Yesterday I finished the first chapter of WISTERIA COTTAGE, which I'm very pleased about. It will require much polishing and editing whenever I manage to reach The End and go back to the beginning for the second draft, but I still have this great sense of accomplishment. I'm not sure why... I mean, I've had three works published now and am therefore gradually losing my "newbie" shine, so finishing a chapter is nothing new for me, but this one feels a little bit different. Maybe it's because I thought I wouldn't even start writing the book before Flump's birth, or maybe it's because once I had started it, I didn't expect to get very far with a mind that's so full of other life-changing thoughts. Or maybe it's because WISTERIA COTTAGE is different. I have plans for this book -- a publisher (and line) in mind, and even two more connected books if all goes to plan.

Either way, I feel good :)


Phillipa said...

Thanks Jess. Just saw Jude's hubby's lovely note.

Glad Wisteria Cottage is going well and hope Flump is here soon.

P x

liz fenwick said...

Well done :-) It will make it so much easier to come back to after your 'maternity leave' if you have your foot in the door so to speak.

Nell Dixon said...

hugs, your turn next! Can't wait for Flump to make his/her appearance.

Judy Jarvie said...

Jess - couldn't wait to tune in and check out on Flump. Can't wait to hear your news - just chill out and he/she will soon be here.

P.S. Labour isn't nearly so bad as I'd imagined once you're in the throws so relax and your little treasure will soon be amongst us. Love from Esme x