Thursday, August 9

Where Next?

I've been thinking a lot about my writing in the last few days. I feel like I'm itching to start writing something and get it out there into the ether, but I don't know what to do. I don't know what to write or where to send it, and I don't know how to envision the next one, two, or five years of my writing career. Perhaps I still have "baby brain"!

I seem to have lost a bit of enthusiasm for WISTERIA COTTAGE, although I still like the characters and story. I expect it might be because I got such a small way into the project and haven't done anything with it since. On the other hand, the idea I had for the Brava novella contest is nibbling at my heels, and I feel a little more excited about it each day. But I've decided I won't be entering the contest; I'm reading a Brava anthology at the moment to get a feel for their style and the steam level is a bit too spicy for me!

I guess I'll just ponder more and make a start on something. I think the most important thing is just to WRITE SOMETHING, and then I can decide where to send it once it's done. What do fellow writers think? Do you always have to have a target in mind when you start a new project? Or do you just write it and find that its most suitable home occurs to you once you're near (or at) The End?

And now to finish, here's a weird fact about Little Frog. You may remember that during my pregnancy I became obsessed with recording and watching many, many episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. For those of you who've seen it, you'll probably know that the theme tune of the show is "Who Are You?" by The Who. Well, we have discovered that if we play the track in question then Little Frog, British rock-music aficionado that he apparently is, will actually FALL ASLEEP.

Just finished reading: Jessie's Child by Lois Faye Dyer


Lis said...

Apparently there are varying levels of 'spiciness' in the Brava line. Might be worth a shot entering :) (Says she who isn't so sure she's entering either lol)

Aww that's so cute he falls asleep to the theme song

liz fenwick said...

I think at this stage you should just write what excites you most - baby brain and all. It takes time to adjust to your new life. Later once things settle down maybe you can target your writing but for write what you love and enjoy the process. With a new babe you have a lot on your plate - wonderful though it is :-)

Love the frog story :-)

Phillipa said...

Jess - I agree with Liz. I know when my dd was Froglet's age, I could hardly think, let along write. I'm sure time will tell you where your heart lies in terms of a new book.

And when I was pregnant, Neighbours had just started airing. Once she was born I - and a lot of other mums - noticed that their babies became very attentive when the theme music played. I think there was an articvle in the newspapers at the time. I reckon it's because I always sat down to watch neighbours and relaxed (it was good back then, honest!)