Saturday, August 18

Working Weekend

Little Frog went off to Grandma's again yesterday so that The Bloke and I could have a "date night" (we went to see Transformers -- v. good!) and so I could get some writing done. With each passing day I've been getting more eager to start writing again, but whenever I get around to starting something I usually have to turn my attention to something else (usually baby-related) within ten minutes or so.

I've had a couple of ideas swimming around my mind lately, and today I did a bit of work on each of them. One is already winning out by a fair mile; regular readers of my blog may remember me talking about it around this time last year, when the idea first came to me. I temporarily christened this story THE TRUCK OF LUCK, although I very much doubt that it's a title that will stick! Here's an image that is related to the story, to get you thinking:

It's been fun to get back to work. I'm not quite sure yet how I'll manage to work a regular patch into my day-to-day life, but I feel much more of a push to try and do so, now that I've got some of my plotting done.

Just finished reading: Wildest Dreams by Janice Maynard, LuAnn McLane, and Morgan Leigh


liz fenwick said...

I'm impressed you've come this far with frog so little :-)

Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

I agree with Liz - you're amazing!!
I'm frantically trying to get my NWS submission sorted - I'll reply to your email as soon as I can.
Hugs to you and Little Frog.

Phillipa said...

Jess - glad you're feeling inspired again and that you had a lovely 'date' with Mr Jess.

Your picture is intriguing - not sure whether this book is about being shackled by work or is a WIP for Ellora's Cave! :)

Lis said...

Interesting piccie :o) I want to see Transformers but probably end up waiting till its out on DVD.