Thursday, February 7

Cake Helps You Write

Question: How can we already be a week into February?!

It's been a time of great milestones for Little Frog lately. In the last fortnight he sprouted his first tooth, finally worked out how to sit up unaided, spent a trial day with his childminder (during which he went to a birthday party and was helped to play pass-the-parcel: be still my sniffy motherly heart), and then promptly sprouted his second tooth. How can this be when he was only recently a little pink wrinkly person who just knew how to sleep, poop, and cry??

And so to writerly things... I meant to post my February "To Do" list on the 1st, but got distracted by baby teeth and suchlike. So here it is:

1. Continue subbing my motherhood article. (Am still waiting to hear from the first magazine.)
2. Write chapters two and three of Truck of Luck.
3. Write another short story.
4. Update my website.

I finish my maternity leave next week and will be back to proofreading, but I am going to try my best to continue to meet my writing goals. I may need a couple of slices of Marks & Spencer's chocolate fudge cake to help me, but if that's what it takes then that's what I gotta do!

Just finished reading: One Night Stand by Julie Cohen


liz fenwick said...

Chocolate cake always speeds up the writing process making those little grey cells sizzle :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

Well done Jess. I'm slowly realising motherhood is all about moving on the the next phase. The next hurdle/challenge/thing that throws you completely. And scarily people keep saying - you wait 'til they're teenagers (ackackack).

Sounds like you're doing just grand. Onwards with the choccie cake! jx
P.S. Haven't sampled Yankee air-freshners yet but I'll use your recommendation as an excuse.
P.P.S Esme's finally embracing Annabel K meals with gusto. Took her a long time but now she's going through it like a gourmet LOL.

Sue said...

Congrats to Little Frog on his first tooth AND his first birthday party (and to you too for surviving both)!

There'll hopefully an email on it's way to you soon (if I can ever stop the brainless procrastinating I'm doing!).

Mmm on the chocolate fudge cake - I'll tell Gray that it helps with the wordcount. We'll be down to M&S before you know it! ;-)