Saturday, February 2

Whoop Whoop!

The first chapter of The Truck of Luck is DONE! And I am loving my characters. Their dialogue feels really effortless to me, which is great (I sometimes think my dialogue sounds a little forced) and I lurve my hero -- always a good sign.

*happy sigh*

And now I get to celebrate, because today is mine and The Bloke's sixth anniversary (of our first date) and Little Frog is at his grandparents, so we are going out for dinner :)


Judy Jarvie said...

Yey on the progress Jess. Marvellous.

Hope dinner is wunderbar! jx

Sue said...

FANTASTIC news Jess, go you!

Hope you and The Bloke had a fab anniversary! (Yayy for grandparents!)

Lots of love,

Phillipa said...

Congrats on the Chapter and the anniversaty, Jess. P x