Monday, November 7

Tickets // Ten

Got home today to find that my Foo Fighters tickets had arrived in the post! *Grin* Our seats are OK -- we are in the top tier, but our block is right next to the stage, so although we'll be looking down on Dave Grohl et al, at least we won't be needing binoculars.

I made a start on chapter ten this evening. I am just under 1,500 words into it and it's going alright so far. I've started to worry a little bit that I might actually not have quite enough story for 80,000 words seeing as I've got quite a fair way through the storyline I'd planned but am only just about halfway through word-count-wise. However, I am going to do a lot of re-editing when my first draft is finished and I'm sure I can fit in some extra scenes if need be as I'm certain I haven't explored certain things in as much detail as I should have.

Stopping for the night now. Was up until practically midnight writing last night and I don't really want to do that two nights in a row. I need to catch up on a bit of sleep!

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