Tuesday, November 29

Saving It For the Weekend

I'm saving writing until the weekend now -- I'm just not going to have the energy this week. We have a big rush on at work on a psychology dictionary and I worked late tonight and will be doing so again. I've just had a nice long bath and am now drinking a hot chocolate with some baked potatoes in the oven. Aah, relaxation bliss...

P.S. Nell -- my PC is now marginally okay and emails are working. However, as yet I have no software, e.g. Word etc, and so although your last two chapters are sitting safely in my Inbox, I have nothing to open them with! Hopefully this will be sorted in the next couple of days... hopefully even tomorrow. Sorry!

Just finished reading: Still Thinking of You (Even Though I Shouldn't Be) by Adele Parks

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Nell Dixon said...

Glad you're ok. Look after yourself, I got the go ahead last night for BMH so guess what I'll be busy on in the next few weeks.