Sunday, November 27

A Visitor at Midnight

Power came back on yesterday after about an hour. However, was so addicted to my latest book (which I have now finished and will name at the end of this entry -- a new thing I've decided to do every time I've finished one) and random internet trawlings (curse the Amazon wish list), I didn't get any writing done. Have a feeling it wouldn't have been that great anyway as I wasn't really in the mood.

On a separate topic, when I created my blog my critique partner Nell told me about the "statcounter", whereby I can see who visits my blog and when. Well, not who, really -- there aren't names or anything -- mainly just country, time, ISP and computer platform.

For some time I have been receiving regular daily visits from somebody and all I know is that they are on Pipex and are in the UK. No town given. Maybe this is you as you read this -- I know you tend to come here somewhere around midnight or even later. Yet you remain silent, making no comment. Do I know you?

No pressure. Just curious.

Just finished reading: Daydream Girl by Bella Pollen


Anonymous said...

Just seeing how fast someone can finish a book.

I'm afraid i'm not from where you work if that's what you thought.

Jessica Raymond said...

Well, I haven't finished it yet as you obviously know, but by Christmas is the *hope*.

I didn't think you were somebody from my work (there are not that many of us), but I did wonder if you were someone I knew. I guess I found it hard to believe that someone who didn't know me would visit my blog every day. The only other person who visits close to as many times as you is Nell, my critique partner! Perhaps my life is more interesting than I thought :)