Wednesday, March 15

Another Day, Another Chapter

Today's been a good day :)

Bloke and I (he was off today too) got up early and went to the gym. I saved up enough points on my Nectar card to get a month-long free pass for two to our local one--which is pretty posh--and so we stepped and cycled and rowed together before having a swim in the pool. I always feel very virtuous after having done some exercise. Anyone else?

When we got home I finalized my entry for the Sun competition, so I'll be sending that off tomorrow. Then I finished writing chapter 2 for my Moonlit contest entry. As you can see from the word count bar, I'm now about halfway with that. I'm a bit clearer on how the rest of the story's going to go now and am feeling a bit more positive about my chances!

Off to cook dinner...

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