Wednesday, March 29

The Waiting Game

I finished editing Little Shop of Dreams, my novella entry for the Moonlit Romance contest, at just after midnight last night. It was sent straight to Laura at Moonlit, so now it's a waiting game to see how I do. Results are expected at the end of April. No news yet on The Sun's writing competition, either.

Now it's back to editing HH for sending to the New Writer's Scheme. I'm hoping it won't take too much longer, though Nell has said I'll probably have learned a lot about tightening the story through writing the novella, so I hope I don't go back to HH and decide I want to change it all!

In other news, my *real print copy* of Nell's book arrived in the post today. It's so exciting to see it in my hands as a proper tangible thing. The next time I see her she'll be signing her autograph!

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