Sunday, March 12

One Down

Had a good day and got my entry done for the competition that The Sun is running for World Book Day. I had to prioritize that one because the deadline is the 20th of this month, plus the length limit was 1,000 words.

I quite like this story. It's a little nostalgic, and I hope they like it.

The prize is "£1,000 of the world's best books", and I'm not sure who judges what these books are. Still, I bet there'll be loads that I haven't read -- the kind that I'm always meaning to and just haven't got round to. Example: Pride and Prejudice... I know! Shocking!

Next up, carrying on with my Moonlit contest entry, which is giving me a bit of trouble, but that I'm really going to try my best to get done.

Just finished reading: Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman -- Beautiful.


Nell Dixon said...

I can't believe you haven't read P&P! thunk.

Jessica Raymond said...

I know -- isn't it terrible? *Hides in shame*