Sunday, April 30

Bank Holiday Busy-ness

You'll be pleased to know I've calmed down a little bit now! Thank you to everyone who has left a comment or emailed me or congratulated me on various writers' boards (you know where you are) on the Moonlit contest. There truly is no end of encouragement and support in the online romance writing community -- so, thank you!

Am in the middle of a busy Bank Holiday weekend, in contrast to the last one (when I did way too much lazing around). Yesterday I went to a designer outlet village with my friend and her baby girl, who turns 1 tomorrow. I got a dress for a friend's wedding next weekend, a top, and some gorgeous LK Bennett shoes, as well as a cute little beach outfit for Friend's Baby's birthday. Today is Bloke's rare Sunday off, and we have another friend's child's birthday party to go to this afternoon and tonight we're going for a meal to celebrate my win :) Tomorrow will be full of washing, tidying, editing, etc.

In other news, I emailed The Sun earlier this week to find out what was happening with their "Get Britain Reading" writing competition, which Nell and I both entered. This was their response:

We are hoping to announce the winners in the next couple of weeks. We had a far higher response than we anticipated and therefore we are still at the judging stage.

So, now we know!

Also very excited as Bloke and I are on the verge of booking our holiday. I'm not saying where until we've actually done it, just in case we lose it. Got to wait for someone to get their passport renewed first...

Oh yes, and I've decided on my pen-name: Jessica Raymond. Raymond was my Dad's middle name.

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