Sunday, April 9

Composure Recovered

Sorry about yesterday. Don't know why I was so down about my writing. I think it might have been because I had spent half the morning reading Michael Connelly and then got straight into HH, thereby seeing a very distinct difference between his writing and my own, which looked very dire all of a sudden.

I finished his book at lunchtime today, and my editing this afternoon has actually been a lot better and I feel a lot happier. Reading a Michael Connelly book definitely teaches you how to tell your story without words you don't need -- he's a master at describing a scene or character in perfect detail in the least amount of words possible. A very good lesson, I feel.

So I've now updated my word count bar for HH, to follow my editing progress rather than the actual writing process, which was obviously finished some time ago.

Calling it a day now, so I can go and make jambalaya for dinner.

Just finished reading: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

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