Wednesday, April 5

Editor's Chair

So here I am, back into the swing of editing HH now that I've finished my contest entries. It's good to be back with the book again. I felt a bit mean about pushing it to the side!

I got quite a bit done today and am now over halfway through. Hopefully it will be on its way to the RNA New Writers Scheme in about a month (need to allow time to finish this edit and do one more read-through after that). So my rough target would be... by the middle of May, say. OK, May 18th. That's the day of the RNA Awards ceremony in London, which I am going to in support of Nell, who's up for the Joan Hessayon Award with The Cinderella Substitute. I go on holiday the day after that anyway, so that would be a good point to take a little break!

Also to do with the book, I've decided to submit it to the Special Edition line when I finally get around to querying Silhouette. Originally it was going to be the Intimate Moments line (known as Sensation here in the UK), but I've noticed in recent months that SIM is shifting towards more action-oriented stories. Also, a few SIM authors who wrote the "calmer" style of stories have now moved across to SSE, so I'm guessing that these types of stories (which mine fits into) are now being bought, marketed, and sold as Special Editions. This new plan won't affect me too much as the word counts are still pretty much the same.

And that's the news. Also, I've been watching Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days" series on Channel 4 (he's the guy who made Super Size Me -- watch it and see how long you go without buying a McD). It really stimulates the thoughts and the emotions -- especially the episode where he and his girlfriend live on minimum wage for a month. Watch it if you can.


Jane Henry said...

Hi Jessica, I enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the NWS entry. Isn't the RNA fabulous???


Lis said...

Best of luck with the editing & subbing :o)