Sunday, April 23

Sunday Afternoon

Easter was good, although I must admit I didn't do as much editing as I was hoping. I can't help it when they put things like Flash Gordon, The Princess Diaries, and Teen Wolf on during the day -- I end up sitting here, endlessly browsing Expedia for the elusive summer holiday, and watching consecutive daytime movies. I also caught up on the Sex and the City box-sets that Bloke gave me for Christmas. (Berger was so wrong for Carrie.) I think I did about 5 pages over the entire 4-day break.

Bag Head

Anyway, I've done quite a bit of editing this weekend, including critiquing Nell's work that she did during her holiday, and finally painting a few patches of tester paints on the walls of the bathroom and our bedroom. I also learnt to play poker on Friday night, and although I didn't win a whole game I did win a few hands, which was good. However, it was pretty annoying when I folded because I only had 4 chips left and it ended up that if I'd stayed in the game I would have got a royal flush. Ah well, can't win 'em all.

Just finished reading: Being a Bad Girl by Julie Cohen

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Nell Dixon said...

I watched Flash Gordan too!