Saturday, September 2


I got back on to revising HH today, after spending most of the morning sorting out all my accounts and filing. (Score.) Still, I'm now pretty much halfway through my revisions, and I don't think the second half of the book will need as much revamping as the first part, apart from the black moment at the end, which now has to change.

I now understand why people say editing is HARD. I do not think it is my favourite part of the writing process. It can be quite difficult to remember whether I've added or deleted something another character should know, and later comments on, and there's a part of me that worries about whether the whole thing might now sound really disjointed and pasted together.


I forgot to mention in my previous post about the Moonlit Authors Blog that there is also a Moonlit Romance Readers' Group. Here we discuss lots of different things, chat, and have frequent mini-contests! At the moment there is a membership contest running where you could win a free download of any Moonlit novel, simply for joining the loop. Why not join us? It could be you!

Just finished reading: Rage by Jonathan Kellerman

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Lis said...

Best of luck with the edits :o)