Saturday, April 7

Interview With the Writer

Flying by to say Happy Easter to everybody! Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend and that the weather with you is as pleasant as it is with me.

Also, I was recently interviewed by the lovely Connie from Once Upon a Romance, and am pleased to say that my interview is now up on the site. Click here to read it!

Just finished reading: Blind-Date Marriage by Fiona Harper


Judy Jarvie said...

Have a brilliant Easter Jess. Thinking of you and Flumpie - next Easter you'll have a little Easter bunny of your own (grin) jx p.s. daughter's up at six looking for the Easter wabbit. No lie ins for me.

Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend - isn't the weather gorgeous!

Congrats on your interview - it's great!

Sue :-)

Lis said...

Congrats on the interview :o)

Nell Dixon said...

Fab interview!

Jessica Raymond said...

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it -- it was such a fun interview to do and Connie is so lovely. Hope you all had good Easters too!

P.S. to Judy -- It is weird to think about having a little Easter bunny next year, isn't it? I envisage little dress-up fluffy white ears, etc... In fact, I'm already looking forward to dressing up Flump as a pumpkin for Halloween, LOL! :)

Jess x