Friday, April 27

Nell Wins!!!

So I planned to blog today about how my lovely spanky new laptop has turned up -- they could have repaired my old one but I was offered a brand new replacement laptop for a reasonable fee, so I opted for that. However, there is now a more important announcement to make...

I'm thrilled to tell you that my critique partner, Nell Dixon, has won the RNA Romance Prize 2007 with her book Marrying Max! I don't know any more details yet (such as what the judges said) as I only just found out on a frantic mobile call from Nell, who's quite rightly celebrating at the awards luncheon at The Savoy in London.

Congratulations Nell!!!

Will boast about my shiny new widescreen Samsung with Windows Vista another day :)

Just finished reading: All He Ever Wanted by Allison Leigh


Judy Jarvie said...

Wey hey! I'm so so so chuffed for Nell, totally wonderful news and well deserved. Which makes you a calibre CP too!

And hey - sexy new laptop girl. Tell us more soon won't you? jx

liz fenwick said...

It was brilliant........sorry you weren't there. The yells that went up when it was announced were amazing!!!

Nell Dixon said...

I have the world's best cp!!

Kate Walker said...

Jessica- not only did Nell win but so did you! YOu picked the winner in my Guess the Winner on my blog so you get the prize - I'll email you about that

Great news about Nell, isn't it?


Jessica Raymond said...

It would have been very cool to be there, but about all I have to wear is my stretchy sweatpants and vest tops that are tighter every time I put them on. Not quite appropriate for the Savoy, one feels!!

Thanks so much for the win, Kate. I'm really looking forward to reading the prize book :)

Jess x