Friday, June 16

As We Speak... entry is being read. I have heard from the NWS organizer and I received my self-addressed acknowledgement postcard in today's post. I am so excited I can't even really describe it. This is the first time that somebody other than me and Nell have read HH -- and not only that but whoever my reader happens to be, they are an expert in the romance industry -- most likely an existing M&B or Silhouette author.

*bites nails*

At the moment I am reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, partly to start fulfilling the massive gap in my readership of classic novels. I have to say I am really, really enjoying it. So far I am a bit creeped out already, and am finding the male protagonist, Maxim de Winter, quite alluring. I don't know if that makes me weird, as I've never heard him referred to as a classic "hero" e.g. along the lines of Mr Darcy!

Planning on finishing off my brainstorming for The Guardians this weekend, and hopefully it will result in an actual synopsis-style plan for the story so that I might soon start to write again -- joy! :) :)

And hello to my boss, who found my blog earlier this week!

Just finished reading: Delicious by Julie Cohen


Nell Dixon said...

I'll wait for my inbox to see the fruits of your labours!

Lis said...

Good luck with synopsis!